As the Super 8 workshop I ran my very first film workshops at the Midlands Arts Centre [MAC] in 1996, these workshops were about Super 8 cameras, film stocks and filmmaking. The paticipants made a short films which they edited [manually cut and spliced] and then projected and presented their films at the MAC cinema.

The initial workshops were a huge success and since then I have regularly ran workshops on Super 8, 16mm cameras and film making and still photography darkroom techniques. I've ran workshops at various venues in Birmingham, throughout the West Midlands region and across the country.

In our unique courses we look at how we approach our professional 'creative' work differently when working with 'film' technology.

Stories that film is old school, it's too expensive and too limiting are all too common, but despite this film is still with us and remains a valuable tool in creating moving images.

One of the challenges when using film is it's not instant. After exposure film needs to be chemically processed, printed or scanned before it can be viewed. This lack of immediacy naturally encourages the filmmaker in being far more disciplined, focused and decisive.

There's a different approach when working with film, an adrenaline rush, the filmmaker wants most of what is filmed on 'celluloid' to be useful. One of the biggest advantages of using film is that you have a smaller shooting ratio and you can work faster. For more information please click here

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